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Antigua and Barbuda


Program overview – Citizenship by investment program in Antigua and Barbuda was launched in 2013 to enhance and spur foreign direct investment into the Islands. Following Dominica’s case, Antigua & Barbuda introduced real estate, contribution and business investment programs in exchange of citizenship. Each citizen is entitled for visa-free travels to more than 140 countries, including UK, Caribbean and Commonwealth nations, EU and Schengen area. Also, it is the only Caribbean Island offering  visa-free travel to Canada. There is no interview requirement (only in some separate cases), though insignificant residency requirement of 5 days per 5 years  applied.

Real estate project allows collective or sole purchases on condition that each investor will pay minimum  required amount of money. Refunding entire sum with profit opportunities appear after 5-year mandatory holding period. Each investor is entitled for retaining and subletting property for tenants, therefore it might be kept as profitable investment.

National Development Fund was established in 2006 by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. It is  non-profit fund for the purpose of financing government sponsored projects, including public-private partnerships and approved charitable investment.

Antigua and Barbuda offers business investment as alternative program. Applicants can choose from 2 options: invest alone or as joint investment with unlimited number of partners. Applicant is advised to consult with the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority (ABIA) to discuss proposal.

Passport validity for both adults and under aged dependants is 5 years. Second citizenship is allowed so new passport holders are not obliged withdrawing any other nationalities they hold.

Requirements – Citizenship by investment program requires main applicant to be at least 18 years old. Having a clean criminal record, good health and successful outcome of due diligence is a must for each applicant of 12 years old and over.


Family – As part of this program every applicant is entitled to include their spouse, children under 18, children between 18 and 25 years who are enrolled in the higher education institution and fully dependent on the main applicant and parents over 65 years old. Physically or mentally challenged parents or children regardless their age might be included as well.


Living, Working, Studying and Traveling – Once citizenship is obtained investors and their families are free to live, work and study in Caribbean CARICOM members, as well as travel to more than 140 visa-free countries including United Kingdom, Caribbean and Commonwealth nations, EU and Schengen area, Singapore, Hong Kong and more. After opening a new international airport in Antigua in 2015 Caribbean Islands has become even easier to reach.

Real Estate Investment – Qualifying investment level applying through real estate program is $ 400 000. It is important that targeted properties must be confirmed by Antigua and Barbuda government. Both Islands have 11 approved areas such as Coco Point, Tarmarind Hills, Daniel Bay, Nonsuch bay and others. Investors may choose from ordinary one-bed apartments to luxurious Villas with fractional or full ownership of a price range of 400 000 to 4 500 000 USD.


Contribution – Program requires Investor alone paying significant, non-refundable contributions of $200 000 (family of 4 members) or $ 250 000 (family above 4 members) to the Economic Development Fund, established by government. In case of family application, contribution increases depending on final number of members.


Business – Individual investment case requires amount of money not less than 1 500 000 USD, whereas in partnership the minimum investment level must be 5 000 000 USD with the requirement per single person to invest at least 400 000 USD. Despite the chosen option additional governmental fees are required. In case of real estate or business option government processing payments of $ 50 000 per principal applicant, spouse or adult dependant and $ 25 000 per each underaged dependant needed. If family with up to 2 underaged children applies through contribution, only investor and spouse pays $ 50 000 each. Thereafter, $ 25 000 per child under 18 and $ 50 000 per adult are requested. Due diligence fee of $ 7 500 (main applicant/spouse), $ 4 000 (adult dependant) and $ 2 000 (children aged 12 – 17) remains constant. Passport fee per applicant is 300 USD.



Nonsuch Bay Resort One-bed Apartment Nonsuch Bay Resort is lavish, featured with lush, tropical gardens and private beaches, abundant with cottages, villas and apartments. It is located in the south-east corner of Antigua, and considered as Island’s most exclusive bay. Resort provides unique opportunity owning beautiful one-bedroom apartment with a diving pool outdoors. Suites are 600 square feet, designed with elegance and comfort. Each available apartment might be bought with full ownership on the top or ground floor, directed South or North. Minimum investment level is 400 000 USD.




Daniel Bay Luxury Villa in a Small Gated Community Daniel Bay provides absolute exclusivity and security, delivering breathtaking, uninterrupted views of crystal blue and turquoise waters. It is situated on the south-east of the Island and minutes drive from English Harbour and Nelson’s Dockyard. As only 5 homes available, privacy is guaranteed. Each villa is a 6 500 square feet of impressive indoor and outdoor spaces, having 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and contemporary designed infinity pool and split level sun terrace. Villas are for sale with full and fractional ownership. Fractional ownership investment starts at 400 000 USD and full ownership at 4 500 000 USD.

*Real estate might be sold after 5-year period. **Contribution amount varies depending on number of dependants. ***Cooperation of unlimited number of partners allowed.
Investing alone requires 1 500 000 USD.


Taxes – The Islands have no taxes on international revenue, wealth or inheritance.  Also, since April 2016  country’s government has abolished income tax for physical persons.  Only in case of real estate option property registration, processing fees and taxes must be paid.



Step 1 (3 – 5 days) Pre-due diligence allows avoiding possible issues and assure eligibility. It also allows for ineligible applicants to save unnecessary costs, time and  effort.


Step 1 requires
  • Contract form (fill and sign)
  • Passport copies (including dependants)
  • Residential address
  • Full information about dependants
  • Full details on profession or business
  • Origin of finances
  • Banking details (name, address, SWIFT/BIC code, IBAN No, account number

In cases of questionable pre-due diligence outcomes, enhanced background checks may be required, including possible cooperation with the relevant authorities. 50% agent fee applied.


Step 2 (1 month) Collection and preparation of documentation usually takes approximately 1 month to prepare all documents which must be translated to English and certified.


Step 2 requires
  • Application package forms (provided)
  • Passport Forms (2 copies per family member). Multiple passport holders must provide 2 certified copies per passport
  • Birth certificate (2 copies per applicant family member)
  • National ID and social security or insurance card (1 copy per applicant family member). Multiple ID card holders must provide 1 copy per ID card
  • Marriage certificate (4 copies if both spouses or 2 copies if only 1 spouse apply)
  • Divorce certificate if applicable (1 copy)
  • Evidence of residential address issued within 3 months period (investor only)
  • No criminal record certificate (less than 6 months old). Multiple residency cards or passports holders must provide certificates from all countries lived or resided in within 10 years (all adult applicants)
  • Affidavit of support for each adult dependant
  • Military record if applicable (1 copy)
  • 8 passport-size (35X45 mm) photos (within 6 months). 1 photo must be certified
  • HIV test per applicant (within 3 months)
  • Professional/character reference letter issued within 6 month by attorney, notary or chartered account, describing period of relationship (at least 2 years), applicant’s conduct, and personal data (investor only)
  • Bank reference signed by senior bank official stating the period of relationship (at least 6 months)
  • Source of funds
  • University letter and school transcripts showing continuous full-time studies (adult children)
  • If single parent is applying with children, affidavit of consent and knowledge from the other parent, and a notarized, signed copy of other parent’s photo ID must be included

Due diligence and 10% of government fees required at this step. 10 – 20% deposit to book property might be requested if applying under real estate program.


Step 3 (1 day) Our legal representative provides all necessary documents to the immigration office and accomplishes citizenship application on client’s behalf. Physical presence of applicant is not required. Investment must be made only after approval in principal is issued. Due diligence, processing fees and 50% balance of agent fee are required.


Step 4 (2 – 3 months) Application processing takes up to 3 months, after which Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) shall notify with decision to approve, delay or deny it. In case of success the approval in principal is issued. If an interview is required as a part of this process – applicant will be notified.


Step 5 (1 – 2 months) After the approval in principal is issued main applicant is obliged to make an investment into real estate, donate or transfer business investment sums to the government designated account, after which the Certificate of Naturalization is issued. Balance of remaining government fees must be remitted.


Step 5 requires:


  • Balance of government fees
  • Investment into selected option


Step 6 (1 – 2 weeks) Once the investment is confirmed and the Certificate of Naturalization is issued, our lawyer submits it on clients behalf to receive passport, which afterwards is collected and sent by reputable courier. Passport fee of 300 USD/per person is required.

Antigua and Barbuda

GDP per Capita
GDP World Rank
€ 200,000
6-9 Months
St. John's
$ 18,026


  • Passport within 6 – 9 months
  • Visa free travels to over 140 countries
  • Application is submitted on clients behalf
  • No tax on worldwide income


  • False information provided
  • Criminal record
  • Potential security threat to the country
  • Family member suffers from serious health problem or contagious disease
  • Denied visa to any country having visa-free agreement with Antigua and Barbuda